My Love Language

My Love Language

The “5 Love Languages” survey has been around for many years now. I remember people talking about it in high school, but I never took it until I was in college. This survey consists of the sentence “It’s more meaningful to me when…” followed by two options. You choose which option is more meaningful to you… obviously (pretty self explanatory). Once completed, you will receive 5 Love Qualities (Quality Time, Words of Affirmation, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service, and Physical Touch) ranked from 1-12. The higher numbers are what you consider more important, while the lower numbers are less important.

Last night, I decided to take the survey again to see what my “Love Language” is and to see how accurate I think my results are. I feel like this is a really interesting test to take so you know what you like in a relationship. If I could get my boyfriend to take it, that would be amazing! I’m very curious his results. But for now, here is my love language:

  1. Quality Time (11): This was not a shock to me AT ALL. Quality time is so important in my opinion. My all time favorite moments with my boyfriend are when we just talk for hours with no distractions what-so-ever. These moments don’t happen too often because technology and friends always come in the way, but when they do happen, damn are they special!
  2. Words of Affirmation (7): This I was a little surprised about just because I don’t really like being complimented by people, nor do I take a compliment very well. However, I do get annoyed sometimes when my boyfriend doesn’t compliment me when I dress up or doesn’t say something encouraging when that’s all I need, so I guess I see why “words of affirmation” is ranked so high.
  3. Receiving Gifts (5): The description for this is actually really funny. It basically states that a missed holiday or major date, such as an anniversary, would be disastrous. Honestly, YES it would be. I would be so pissed if my boyfriend forget about an anniversary or my birthday or something. Not to sound materialistic or anything, but I think it’s just the acknowledgment and thought that makes gifts so special. I honestly keep every little thing my boyfriend gives me (stickers, movie tickets, concert tickets, NECKLACES, dead flowers…. you name it!) It means so much to me.
  4. Acts of Service (4): I guess this isn’t as important to me because I like doing things myself or I like being the person to perform the act of service. I prefer running my own errands or completing chores myself because I am low-key OCD about stuff like that. I also really like doing stuff like that for my boyfriend. For example, I used to clean my boyfriends freaking bedroom and bathroom. I did it for him, but also for myself haha!
  5. Physical Touch (3): I’m shocked that this is ranked so low. I love love love hugging my boyfriend or holding his hand! I used to get chills every time my boyfriend and I would hold hands randomly. I would definitely say this is false.

That was pretty interesting in my opinion. I’d say the survey is 80% correct. Honestly though, I think all of these are really important and not one is more important than the other. I encourage you to take the survey too to discover your 5 Love Languages! Click the link below!

5 Love Languages 



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