Story Time: 19 Hour Drive

Story Time: 19 Hour Drive

Boy do I have a story to tell you all (actually like two stories). These two stories have to deal with a snowstorm in Oregon… most wild thing ever! I will share part one now and part two very soon! Lets just get straight into it!

Part One- 19 hour car ride: 

This past weekend (Feb 22-Feb25), I went down to the Bay Area to see my family and to go to a concert (Gryffin) with my boyfriend and his friends. I drove down from Eugene, Oregon Friday morning. The weather was nice and sunny, which made the drive really easy and pleasant. I didn’t really check the forecast for when I would be driving back up to Oregon because I already had my mind set on driving down and I didn’t want anything to ruin that.

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So, Monday rolls around and it’s time for me to drive back to school. The forecast said rainy all throughout Northern California and snow in some parts of Northern California and Oregon. I was like “Oh great…my parents are going to kill me!” They were very concerned (as would any good parent be), but I just wanted to do the drive by myself and prove to them I could.

The first part of the drive was fine. I made it to Redding, CA with only a little rain, but nothing awful. Once I was in Redding though, I knew I would hit trouble because the rain started picking up and boy was it windy. I got my In ‘N Out and continued my drive up to Oregon.

Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 9.56.59 PM

Post Redding, things start to go downhill. It was freaking pouring and I mean POURING. I was going relatively slow (for myself) and was just really focused. Around Weed, California, I noticed the temperature was dropping real fast. It started snowing and the road soon had a layer of snow on it. Great…I’m in a freaking Volkswagen Golf by myself… this is going to get interesting. I started driving really slow like 40 mph and made it through that part. Some cars were going faster and I’m like “HECK NO!”

I finally made it to Oregon and only had around 3 more hours to go. There was still a lot of rain and snow in some places, but nothing bad at all. Suddenly I started seeing signs saying “I-5 Northbound Closed MP 80”. That was the worst news because that meant it would take me an additional 2 hours to get back to school. I just kept driving on I-5 because I figured there would be a blockade or something so I would know exactly where I-5 was closed. I noticed cars around me getting off the freeway all at once, but decided to keep going. For a while I was the only car driving on I-5 (a few cars would pass here and there) and there was now snow. I could feel my car slide a little and let’s just say I got stressed. All of a sudden more cars were on I-5 and I felt A LOT better.

Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 9.57.08 PM

I reach Cottage Grove (30ish minutes south of Eugene) and I hit some traffic. I don’t think too much of it because whatever…can’t be that bad right? HOLY CRAP was I wrong. I kid you not, I moved 1 mile in 5 hours. I was in stand still traffic for 5 FREAKING HOURS. The first few hours I was just chilling, studying, and talking to my boyfriend. I was fine… come 10 pm, I really had to pee. I was weighing all my choices… do I pee in my water bottle or do I just go outside and have all these cars watch me pee? I chose the ladder. Of freaking course I pee on my pants and leg because I suck a squatting… luckily I had ski pants in the back of my car to change into! Now it’s 11 pm and we finally started moving. We were going so, so slow and every car had to merge into one lane. There were so many trucks, it was very annoying. They would spin out a little and then get stuck so all the normal calls would have to go around…it was a nightmare. That all took another 2 hours. I finally passed Cottage Grove and the freeway all of a sudden cleared up COMPLETELY. I’m talking no cars and no snow…very bizarre if you ask me.

Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 9.57.26 PM

At 2 am I finally made it back to Eugene. I left my house in California at 7 am the previous morning. That is a 19 hour car ride when it should’ve been 9 hours MAX. Like WTF? Whatever…I’m safe… it was an experience… and it’s a funny story looking back at it.

Moral of this story… drive safe in bad weather or you’ll end up causing a GIANT traffic jam that no one wants to sit through. Oh yeah,  and maybe listen to your parents, but also prove them wrong 🙂 Part two will be up this weekend, so stay tuned!



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