Why I Don’t Wear Makeup

Why I Don’t Wear Makeup

When I was in seventh grade, I started noticing girls at my school wearing makeup. I thought it was something most girls did, so I decided to hop on the train. For hours, I would watch makeup tutorials on Youtube to learn how to put eyeshadow on and to learn how to contour, etc. I would go to CVS or Target and head straight to the makeup section and buy foundation, eyeshadow, mascara, everything. Every morning, up until senior year of high school, I would take the time to do my makeup. I would cake my face with foundation that was the wrong color for me, I would put the most shimmery eyeshadow on, making sure to not forget about my creases, and I would apply thick, thick layers of mascara. I didn’t feel comfortable at all if I wasn’t wearing all this makeup.

Come senior year of high school when I decided to tone it down a little bit. I stopped wearing eye shadow completely and just stuck to mascara and foundation. One day, I forgot to put mascara on and I realized that I could rub my eyes throughout the day. That was the best realization ever! Do you know how nice it is to be able to rub your eyes throughout the day and not have to worry about smearing your makeup all over? So, after that, I didn’t wear mascara either. At that point, I only would wear foundation… I honestly don’t know why. To hide imperfections?

 Once I got to college, I chose to completely ditch makeup. I didn’t have to wakeup 15 minutes early just to apply a face of makeup that I’d wash off at the end of the day or even earlier depending on when I worked out. It’s been really nice to just rub my face and not feel this layer of bleh on my skin. I honestly don’t think I’ll ever go back to wearing a full face of makeup.

Why I don’t Wear Makeup: 

  1. Laziness: Really not about to take the time to put stuff on my face
  2. Confidence: I think it takes a lot of confidence to go natural and bare faced. Now I feel way more confident when I have no makeup on vs. when I do decided to wear makeup
  3. Special Occasions: When I do decide to put makeup on, it’s usually for a special occasion. It makes me feel like I’m doing something different
  4. Working Out: When I go to the gym everyday in the middle of the day, the last thing I want to worry about is messing up my makeup or having to take it off and then reapply it all when I’m done working out
  5. Toxic: Makeup is super toxic for the skin. There are so many chemicals that get absorbed and it’s gross. I prefer just having a really clean face
  6. Money: Makeup is actually super expensive. Yeah you can buy cheap products, but they’re not as good and they’re even more toxic. I’d rather spend my money on other things like clothes or food

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with not wearing makeup everyday, it’s just not for me. I know I probably look better with makeup on (many people do, and my mom thinks I do), but it’s just bleh. Do what makes you feel most confident whether that be caking it on or going bare faced. No one’s opinions of that should matter because it’s your decision.



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