Growing Up In the Bay Area

Growing Up In the Bay Area

The bay area is the best place in the entire world in my opinion. I am so grateful that I have been able to live there for the past 21 years of my life. I seriously cannot imagine growing up in a different place. When I have a family of my own, I definitely want to live in the bay area.

Although I do believe the bay area is the best place ever, there are definitely not so great parts about growing up here. Today, I am going to share both the good and the bad. I hope you enjoy.


  1. There is so much to do: I am a 30ish minute drive away from San Francisco and 30ish minute drive away from the coast. I have the city and the beach…aka the best of both worlds. When I’m not feeling either, I can just go to the mall or food places around my area. That lead’s to the next point….

    Big Sur

  2. The food is amazing: There are so many delicious options: Thai, Mexican, American, Vietnamese, Japanese, Indian…literally everything. I love the food here. I am so lucky I got to be exposed to so many different types of food. It really has made me a less picky eater…though my boyfriend would argue and say I am a very picky eater. Also, IN N OUT is here…BEST EVER.

    Mr. Holme’s Bakery


  3. The weather is ideal: Not too cold, not too hot, and not too rainy. Bay Area weather is so ideal. The coldest it gets is like 50 degrees and the warmest is maybe 100 degrees. My personal favorite temperature is 72 degrees and it is often that temperature. Now that I live in Oregon, where I freeze to death, I realize that I really couldn’t handle anything colder. California weather is so perfect!

    San Francisco

  4. Great shopping: If you’re a shopaholic like me, then you will be in heaven. Stanford mall is my favorite mall of all time. It is so pretty and has relatively good stores. A lot of them are way too high end for me, but it’s okay. There is Hillsdale Mall and Valley Fair too. Both those malls have a lot of good stores. Across the bridge, in the East Bay, is the Livermore Outlets. The Kate Spade Outlet is probably the best thing to ever exist! Wow now I really want to go shopping! DSC_3569
  5. Touristy without feeling too touristy: Sometimes you go places and you feel like you’re completely surrounded by tourists. When I went to Laguna Beach, I felt like the majority of people were tourists and although I loved being there, I wouldn’t want my hometown to be invaded by tourists. Of course if you go to San Francisco, you’re going to run into a good amount travelers especially at like Pier 39 or the Golden Gate Bridge. But if you go a little deeper into the Bay Area and go into other towns, there doesn’t seem to be too much tourism. I have to admit though, it is fun to act like a tourist in your own home! IMG_2312


  1. Traffic: Although the traffic is not nearly as bad as LA, there’s still a good amount. When I drive home from Oregon on a Friday evening and finally hit San Francisco, I can potentially be sitting in traffic for over an hour…just to get over the Bay Bridge. It’s freaking torture!
  2. The City is GROSS: If you’ve ever been to San Francisco, then you probably know it’s disgusting. I swear it’s the grossest big city. I don’t really like going into the city just because of that reason. It makes me feel yucky. I wish it was as clean as Seattle or Boston… then it’d be more enjoyable.
  3. Everything is super expensive: As mentioned above, I would love to live in the Bay Area with my future family. I just don’t think it is realistic at all. The cost of living is CRAZY! Small houses can be easily over $3 million…. how am I supposed to afford that?
  4. People judge you: When I tell people I’m from the Bay Area, I can immediately feel the judgement. People automatically think that Bay Area kids are super spoiled and are handed everything to them. I mean, we are pretty spoiled, but everyone works hard. We aren’t handed everything. Most people have jobs and other responsibilities.
  5. A lot of Pressure: If you’re a Bay Area kid, then you know the pressure to do extremely well academically. From the very being of school, it is engrained that you get straight A’s and go to Stanford, but that’s not realistic for everyone. There’s so much pressure to go to the best colleges and find the best jobs after college. Literally everyone’s major is either computer science, engineering, or pre-med because those are the jobs that will get you to be able to live in the Bay Area again. Anything else is not acceptable and frowned upon, I feel. It sucks!

Well there’s a glimpse of what it’s like growing up in the Bay Area. I love it, but sometimes it can be annoying…but I mainly love it. I am so grateful. Plan a trip to go and visit the best place ever!



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