The Month For Self Love

The Month For Self Love

Happy February! I cannot believe that one month of the New Year is already over. January actually went by so freaking fast, which means that February will probably go by equally as fast since there are three less days. With only 28 days in the month, we all have to make the best of each day!

This month is all about LOVE! Love for your family, love for you friends, loved for your significant other, but most importantly, love for YOURSELF! Loving yourself and making yourself feel amazing is so important. In the month of February I am going to really take the time to take care of myself to better myself and I encourage you to do the same! Here are a few of the things I’ll be doing to love myself in February:

Self Love February: 

  1. SWEAT: This one is a given for me. If you know me, then you know I love working out. It makes me feel so good when I get my sweat on and I think being sore is the BEST feeling. This month, I really want to get back into running. Freshmen year of college I ran a 5k basically everyday and could run 6 miles comfortably. Now, I can run 1 mile and that’s about it. I’m slowly working my way up though, so hopefully by the end of February I’ll be able to run a 5k again! But apart from running, I really just want to make sure I sweat at least 5 times a week.
  2. WATER: Some months I’m really good at drinking water, while other months I drink like barely any water each day. Water is a key nutrient! It dissolves and carries nutrients, removes waste, and regulates body temperature (thank you Metabolism and Nutrition)! Water is so important! DRINK IT!
  3. PAINT NAILS: I feel so much better when my nails are painted. Something about it makes me feel a lot more put together. I didn’t paint my nails for the month of January and let me tell you… my nails looked like crap. February is about doing things that make you feel good…having my nails painted makes me feel good!
  4. DRESS WELL: When I say dress well, I don’t mean go glam every single day. That is unrealistic for me because when it is cold outside, all I want to wear is jeans and a sweatshirt. But when I wear cuter clothes, I feel more fashionable and confident. This month I will try and up my outfits at least a few times a week. I also want to share a week of my outfits in a future blog post…I think that’d be fun.
  5. SOCIALIZE: I am such a homebody. I will 100% always choose staying in and watching a movie than going to the bars or something. That’s just how I am. However, I did just get dinner with two of my friends from class. We had never hung out outside of campus, but when we did, it was super fun! It made me want to hang out with them more and other people that I wouldn’t typically hang out with.
  6. JOURNAL: Journaling is so therapeutic. It helps me clear my mind and allows me to really get in touch with my thoughts and feelings. I feel like this school year I’ve been on a freaking roller coaster with my emotions. Most of the time I’m pretty happy, but some times I’m just really down. Journaling helps me channel those emotions.
  7. COOK: My friend and I decided that each Friday, instead of going out to dinner, we would make our own dinner. A few weeks ago we made Pad Thai. Although it didn’t turn out too well, it was really fun. I really enjoy cooking, but just don’t always have the time for it. This month I will make time to cook more.
  8. DECLUTTER: Do you ever feel overwhelmed by how much stuff you have? I feel like although my room is neat, it’s never truly clean because I accumulate so much junk (you should look under my bed…yikes). Each weekend, I try and clean my room a little bit and try to pack things to donate. Decluttering is so good for the mind. I love coming home to a clean bedroom.
  9. BLOG: Honestly, blogging has become one of my biggest hobbies. I love it so much. I don’t have a lot of time to sit down and blog. Hence why I don’t post super consistently. This month I really want to get into a routine of blogging. I’d like to post at least two blog posts a month. It’s something I love, so I should make time for it!
  10. BE SELFISH: I feel like everyone is always so concerned about what others are thinking about them that you can’t truly be themself. I don’t want to care what others think of me. In less than 6 months, I won’t be in Oregon anymore, so the majority of the people here won’t even matter at all. This month, I want to be selfish and just care about myself. I think it’s okay to want to just care for yourself as long as you’re not hurting anyone else.

Well that concludes this self love post! I hope you take this month to really spread love to people you want to and to yourself. You deserve to be loved by at least one person! Do things that make you truly happy and feel great about yourself!



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