Friends. Friends. Friends.

Friends. Friends. Friends.

Can you tell from the title of this post what I’ll be talking about today? Friends! Friends are essential in life and will probably be people who will be in your life for a long, long time…if they’re good enough friends. I decided to talk about this topic today because of something my boyfriend told me. I asked him if he thought I was a good friend. I was anticipating his answer to be “yes,” but he said “no”! I was super shocked by his response and was slightly triggered. I didn’t understand why he said that or why he even thought that. I don’t know if it was a joke, but wow. It made me think a lot about my friends, my definition of friends, what I look for in friends, and how I am as a friend.


My definition of a friend: 

I feel like it’s really hard to define the word friend. Everyone’s definition is very different. I think a friend is someone you feel comfortable around and enjoy spending time with. I think a friend is someone you can tell a lot to and trust that they won’t tell anyone. I think a friend is someone who will listen to you talk about anything and won’t be judgmental even if they don’t believe the same thing. I think a friend is someone you can completely rely on.


What I look for in friends: 

Some people are the type of people who love having a big circle of friends. They want to be friends with as many people as possible and hope that no one dislikes them. They don’t care too much about how close they are to each friend, as long as they have a lot. I am the opposite. I really enjoy having a few friends. I honestly have like 5 friends at school, but I don’t really care because I love spending time them and building my relationship with them. I think it’s more important to have great connections, rather than a lot of connections. Quality over quantity!


My friends: 

Most of my best friends are friends from middle school and even elementary school. I was lucky to meet and connect with really great people so early in my life. I’m always super excited to go home for breaks and catch up with them. I feel like my friends from home really understand me and know that I’m a freaking weird human being, but they accept it. I actually hated one of my best friends prior to becoming friends. She claims I called her “stupid” in 5th grade, but that’s so false! But now look where we are! Friends are a funny thing. PS…she likes her burrito more than me.


Last words: 

Finding friends is really hard. Finding best friends is especially harder. I think that the most important thing ever is that both people in a friendship make the same amount of effort. I think if friends really care about each other, they will equally start conversations, make phone calls, and take time to strengthen their relationship. Think about your friends…are you making enough effort? too much effort? or the right amount of effort?




Well I’m glad I got that out because it was actually consuming my mind. I honestly think I’m a pretty good friend. I’m not perfect…I’ve done my fair share of shitty things in the past, but I put a lot of effort into my friendships and I try to let my friends know that I’m always there for them!



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