February 14: The “Couple Holiday”

February 14: The “Couple Holiday”

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Besides checking the calendar, one way you know Valentine’s Day is approaching is all the decor and store aisles filled with chocolates, flowers, and stuffed animals. This may get some people really excited to celebrate their relationships and marriages, but it also may make others feel lonely and feel as though they can’t participate in the celebration. I thought today I would share my thoughts on February 14!

Valentine’s Day 

What happened to making mail boxes, going to the store and picking out Valentine cards and candy, and giving each person in your class a Valentine? That was honestly the best! No one felt left out and it was just really fun to choose from the variety of cards and customize your very own mailbox.

Fast forward to high school where something called Rose-grams existed. They were exactly the same thing as the one’s in Mean Girls. Basically, you’d pay blank amount of money and write a card with the recipients name and the school would hand deliver them during 3rd period on Valentine’s Day. I always thought this was super awkward because everyone would know who got roses and who didn’t. I think it made some people feel bad that they didn’t get a rose, while others felt great because they’d get multiple roses.

I know some people who always say they HATE Valentine’s Day, but they say that because they’re single. But why do single people have to hate it? When I was single, I didn’t hate it. My parents have always been my biggest Valentine’s and they always will be. My dad would get me, my mom, and my sister flowers and my mom would get us chocolate and write us a really nice card. It was the best thing ever!

Now that I have a boyfriend, I can definitely feel the pressure of Valentine’s Day a little more. I mean, girls don’t really have any pressure, but the guys definitely do. I don’t think it’s necessarily wrong to want to celebrate your love for each other, but I also don’t think you HAVE to. Whether you celebrate through a nice dinner, gifts, letters, whatever… it’s okay to want to do that, but it’s also okay to not do that. I think that the couple just needs to talk about whether or not they want to celebrate Valentine’s Day, so one person doesn’t get their hopes up.

Personally, I love writing my boyfriend letters. I write him letters for essentially everything… birthdays, New Years, fights, idk anything. I will probably write him a letter for Valentine’s Day regardless of whether or not we celebrate it…we won’t because we’re in two different states, but still. I’m not expecting anything from him, but if he were reading this (Loving Earth Chocolate and a really nice card) kidding…maybe!

So yeah! That is my opinion on the lovely day we call Valentine’s Day! It’s okay to celebrate and it’s okay to not celebrate. Everyone’s different, but I don’t think there should be pressure on anyone. It’s just one day of the year and will be here and gone in 24 hours. Love everyone important in your life…not just your husband or boyfriend. Love your parents and you friends too and tell them! That’s what Valentine’s Day is about!



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