December Challenge Completion Results

December Challenge Completion Results

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had an amazing New Years Eve. I am honestly so happy that it is January…primarily because I don’t have to worry about my December Challenge anymore.

Last month I made a challenge for myself to ride 30 Peloton bikes rides. Each ride had to be 30 minutes or more and I was allowed to do double rides in one day. I chose this as my challenge because I really wanted to push my limits and workout harder than I ever have in a while. Today, I share my results from the challenge and let you know my thoughts.

Peloton Challenge: 

So, yes I did complete the challenge. I had to double up quite a few days because I couldn’t go every single day. Sometimes I was busy and sometimes my body was just not up for it at all.

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As for my results, I didn’t lose any weight. I actually gained like a pound or two. My weight fluctuates a lot throughout the day though, so it could’ve just been the time I was weighing myself. Also, my goal wasn’t to lose weight, if it was, I would’ve eaten A LOT healthier. I do however feel a lot stronger. My leg muscles are strong now! They were before, but now they’re super strong. My output was a lot higher at the end of the month then at the beginning….progress!

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I feel as though my technique got a lot better. I always had a little difficulty riding standing up, but I feel like after these 30 rides, I got the hang of it and can actually run out of the saddle. It’s a good feeling. I’m still working on rhythm though…it’s tough.

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To do this challenge or something like this, you need to make sure you stretch a lot. I’m not a big stretcher just because it’s super painful, but it’s also boring and slow. I did however stretch slightly more during this month because I could feel my muscles getting tight. My knees ached and my legs ached. I rolled out a lot to loosen and lengthen my muscles. I definitely need to stretch more though.

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Do I recommend trying this challenge out? No I don’t think so. It was a lot and honestly it killed my body. I don’t think it’s ever that good to do the same workout every single day. Like I stated above, my body ached. I would maybe half the challenge and do 15 rides next time. It seems A LOT more doable.

Well that was my challenge. I’m glad I completed it. It was really self rewarding and I am so planning on doing more fitness challenges, so make sure to come check that out!



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