What I Got For Christmas: 2018

What I Got For Christmas: 2018

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you have a fabulous day and I hope you get to spend it with everyone you love. I can’t believe how fast the Christmas season was this year. I swear each year, Christmas comes faster and faster. I feel like this was the last year I get to act like a kid who waits for Santa. Next year, I’ll be a little more grown up…hopefully.

I thought today it would be fun to share a few of the presents I received from friends and family. I am super grateful for everything I got and I am lucky to have such amazing people in my life.

What I Got For Christmas


  1. Bose Wireless Headphones: Super excited to use these while working out! I hope they’re amazing. Thanks parents!
  2. Archer & Olive Notebook: So happy to start my 2019 bullet journal in this super cute notebook! Thanks Erin! You’re the best! Also the shipping for this was wicked fast.
  3. 23andMe: This is something I’ve wanted for awhile now. If you didn’t know, I was adopted, so a lot of things are unknown about me regarding where I’m from and my birth families health. I am so excited to get my results back for this. I will definitely be sharing that. Thanks parents!
  4. Primally Pure Deodorant: 2019 I am going on a non-toxic journey. I’ve tried a few natural deodorants before, but none of them have worked. I heard this charcoal deodorant works super well, so we’ll see about that.
  5. Herbivore Products: My sister got me the Jasmine Green Tea Toner, the Sea Mist Hair Spray, and the Jasmine Body Oil. Clearly Jasmine is my favorite scent ever. I love herbivore products and they also go along with my non-toxic lifestyle. Thank you Erin.
  6. Handwritten Jewelry: I bought this for myself because I think it is super special. My mom signs every card “Love Forever and a Day” and now I can have her with me forever.
  7. Coach Wallet: Surprisingly I got this for only $25. If you have an outlet mall near you, hit up all the higher end stores such as Kate Spade and Coach. You’ll find amazing deals and no one will ever know. Thanks mom! (I couldn’t find the exact same wallet, so I linked a similar one)
  8. Athleta Workout Leggings and Sports Bra: The material of these leggings are unreal. They are the exact same as the Lululemon align pants. I cannot wait to wear this set. The color is awesome! Thanks parents!
  9. Pottery Barn Christmas Pillow: My dad gets me a Christmas pillow from Pottery Barn every year. I love this tradition. I will be so set when I have my own house. Isn’t this pillow so freaking cute? I love. Thanks dad!

Well until next year, Christmas! Sad it’s over, but super happy for everything this season. This is seriously the best time of the year! Maybe next year I’ll be able to go to New York City…that’s my dream!



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