Tips For Giving the Perfect Gifts

Tips For Giving the Perfect Gifts

Gift giving is hard! You never know what to get someone and you never know if someone will even like what you give them. It’s so challenging because everyone is so different. Some people like technology, some people like stationary, some people like clothes, some people like games, etc. With so much out there and so many different people to get gifts for, how do you narrow it down to the perfect gift for each person?

I’m here to help with that question. I’d say I’m relatively good at giving gifts…not to toot my own horn or anything. I’ve acquired many tips to help me give the people in my life gifts they would actually LOVE…and trust me, I have some difficult people in my life to shop for *cough cough my sister!* Keep reading so you can get the people in your life the PERFECT gifts!

How to give the PERFECT gifts: 

  1. Stay Organized: I’m super type A, so I make lists for everything. I usually start off by writing a few gift ideas on my phone, but then I’ll transfer them to my bullet journal aka my holy grail. I like to make mine neat and pretty. It makes it a lot more fun! Write down all the people you need to get gifts for and as you come up with ideas, jot them down next to their name. Once you have a substantial list, narrow it down to however many gifts you want to give them. Also, once you’ve gotten the gift, cross it out or put a check mark next to it.
  2. Pay Attention: The best thing you can do is pay attention to what each person likes. When I’m in a store with someone I need to get a gift for (even if this is in summer and I won’t be needing the gift for months), I always watch what they pick up and look at for a while and I pay attention to what they say. Sometimes the person will say like “Oh this is so cool” or “I want this so badly” but they aren’t willing to buy it for themselves. That is the perfect opportunity to jot down a gift idea. Then, come December, you can look back at your list and give them that present. Chances are they won’t be expecting it and they’ll be super stoked!
  3. Personalize: When I say personalize, I don’t mean have their name written on everything. I mean get something in the color that they would love or the brand that they would love. It doesn’t matter if they wanted that specific product, but the fact that they know you know them well enough to get them something of their favorite color or from their favorite store, that is a great gift! If the person you’re gifting to loves sports, get them tickets to a sports game…they’ll love you for it!
  4. Give Practical Gifts: For a long time, all I wanted was stationary and different notebooks. That was not really practical for because I would never finish a notebook, so I had literally dozens of empty notebooks lying around my room. If the person you’re gifting to a college student, give them something they’ll actually need or use. Coffee makers are a great idea as well as cups and mugs. If you’re gifting to someone into fitness, give them something they can use every time they go to the gym such as a cute water bottle or a yoga mat or even a gym bag! You want to give someone something they’ll get a lot of use out of and think of you every time they use it!
  5. Get on it ASAP: I start Christmas shopping so early because I get super stressed out about not finishing in time for Christmas. I typically start on Black Friday because deals…ya feel? If you get your shopping done by around December 12th (shout out to Erin Goode’s birthday), then you’re in really good shape. You’ll feel super stress free and you can just worry on wrapping all the gifts. Also, if you go see something else later in December, you can decide to get it or not, but you won’t feel pressured to. Shopping early is the BEST also because the mall gets so annoyingly crowded…so just skip all of that trouble!

Well those are my tips for giving the PERFECT gifts. Remember, don’t stress too much. Christmas isn’t just about the presents… so just do your best! If you have any tips, leave them down below!



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