2018 New Year Resolution Accomplishments and Failures

2018 New Year Resolution Accomplishments and Failures

A year ago I made 2018 resolutions…obviously. I made 17 of them and I thought it would be super interesting to see if I accomplished them or failed them. I have a feeling I failed the majority of them because I haven’t read these since a year ago and don’t remember them at all. But we’ll just have to see!

2018 Accomplishments: 

  1. Get rid of/stop wasting so much time on social media: I’d say I accomplished this one. I deleted my Snapchat and Facebook over the summer and still don’t use those two apps. I have Instagram and still find myself wasting time looking at photos, but I have definitely cut down, so accomplishment for sure!
  2. Sing more and don’t be afraid to share it: I sing ALL the time no matter where I am. Sometimes I get embarrassed if people hear me, but honestly who cares. It’s something I love to do, so I do it. I definitely sang a lot more this year.
  3. Take more risks even when terrified: I haven’t done anything crazy, but I think that I matured a lot more. I wasn’t as afraid to talk to people and I definitely took more risks when it came to my future.
  4. Wake up and go to sleep at a consistent time: I’d say I did a pretty good job at this. Most nights I went to bed at 10:30/11:00 and woke up around 7:00. Of course though I had some days where I’d go to bed later and wake up later… but I feel like that wasn’t too often.
  5. Stick to a workout schedule: My schedule is workout everyday. Just kidding. I worked out every weekday, but took the weekend off. I thought this worked well for me because it allowed my body to completely recover. Also it made me look forward to the weekends…even though I do love working out.
  6. Read more books: I’m not saying I read a ton of books because I definitely didn’t, but I read more books than I did in 2017, so that’s great. I read the whole Crazy Rich Asians trilogy in like 4 months…that’s a record for me.
  7. Forget about FOMO: I feel like I accomplished this one because I just didn’t really care too much what other people were doing. I wasn’t able to go to the bars for a majority of the past term, but I didn’t feel like I was missing out or anything. I honestly preferred the nights where I could just lay in bed by myself and watch Netflix or something.

2018 Failures: 

  1. Incorporate more vegetables in my meals: 2018 was super rough from an eating standpoint. I feel like I didn’t eat as healthy as I did in the past. I became addicted to sugar and craved it all the time. I definitely didn’t eat vegetables at every meal. I’ll still work at that.
  2. Prioritize school and work over fun: I’m not saying I didn’t prioritize school and work, I just don’t think I put as much effort in as I could have. I wish I put more effort in, but hey there’s always next year.
  3. Be honest about feelings and don’t hold anything back: I suck at this. I think my problem is I have a hard time being honest with myself. I know how things make me feel, but I just push those feelings aside. I really need to focus on myself this next year.
  4. Spend less and save more: I’m a shopaholic and there’s nothing else to add to that.
  5. Take more photos and keep things as souvenirs: I guess I took a lot of photos, but I feel like there’s just not enough. I want to take so many more so I have the memories of everything!
  6. Be able to run 7 miles comfortably: This was a big fail because I don’t even think I ran a 5k this year…. hmm I’m just way to into Peloton now to run.
  7. Do more things that I love and don’t worry as much on how others will respond: Not really sure what I was referring for this resolution, but I feel like I could’ve done more things that I love. I’m honestly not exactly sure what my hobbies are…

I didn’t share all my resolutions from 2018, but I did share the majority. I know I still have a little less than a month until 2019, but I thought I would post this early. And yes, I will be making 2019 resolutions and I will be sharing those, so definitely check back to read them!



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