Holiday Gift Guide: Personalized

Holiday Gift Guide: Personalized

Gift guide number three, here we go! This just might be my favorite gift guide so far just because I am someone who LOVES sentimental gifts. I try and give as many sentimental gifts as possible. I feel like they just mean so much more than anything else and they’re something someone can keep and look at and think of you! I don’t receive too many sentimental gifts from people, but when I do, it’s really special.

These gifts are super personalized to each individual, so I think they’re perfect for anyone. Definitely more catered towards the ladies, but you can definitely find personalized gifts for the fellas out there too. I hope you find these helpful and hopefully you can apply some of these gift ideas to your friends and family.

Personalized Gifts: 

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  1. Homesick Candles: I recently came across these candles and I think they are the coolest things ever. The company takes a city or state and makes the candle scent somewhat resemble that place. It is perfect for anyone who lives not in their hometown or state. I definitely would love to smell the Northern California candle as well as the San Francisco candle. Link: Homesick Candles
  2. Monogrammed Home Decor: Some people are not into monogrammed things, but I personally think it is a really cute trend. If you’re getting something for a family, then you could get them something with their last name initial. I love marble kitchenware. It it so sleek and clean and makes any kitchen look amazing. Cheese boards are a must as well as coasters! Williams-Sonoma is the place to be! Links: Cheese Board, Coasters 
  3. Zodiac Anything: I’m one of those people who reads their horoscope almost every single day. I do believe in astrology because I am the textbook definition of a Scorpio. I know so many people who are really skeptical, but I also know people who really like their zodiac sign. I think zodiac jewelry is really cute and unique to each person. I would love a Scorpio necklace or ring or something. The candle is also a great decoration for any room. Links: Zodiac Earrings, Candle, Zodiac Necklace 
  4. Pictures: Pictures are probably one of the most personalized things you can give someone. Who doesn’t want a picture of someone they really care about?! I know I do! One year I made my friend, Erin, a pillow with a  bunch of pictures of us. It is a really cute idea! Also, just framing a picture in a cute frame is a great idea!
  5. Handwritten Jewelry: I know I put this in the second gift guide I made, but I really really like this gift. Everyone’s handwriting is unique and different, so I think it’s awesome that you can make jewelry out of your handwriting. People recognize other’s handwriting, so they can always have you close to them! Here are a few more options of the handwritten jewelry. Links: Necklace, Bracelet 

I hope you liked this gift guide as much as I like it. Honestly, you can personalize so many different things! Be creative with it! I’ll also link my previous gift guides down below. I’m not sure how many more gift guides I’ll be making, but I’ll try and do at least one more, so stay tuned!


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