Holiday Gift Guide For: HER

Holiday Gift Guide For: HER

Another gift guide! Today I am sharing gifts that are perfect for any female. Sisters, girlfriends, mothers, friends, grandmothers, daughters…any girl would LOVE these gifts. There are definitely a few of these gifts that I am asking for myself, as well as giving to other people. Let’s just get straight into the gift guide!

 Gifts for HER: 


  1. Hair Accessories: I feel like hair accessories come in style, then go out of style, but as for this year, they are definitely in style. Hair scrunchies are HUGE right now and are currently the only things I wear in my hair. They are super cute and also give a retro vibe. Links: Lululemon ScrunchyUrban Outfitters Scrunchy
  2. Herbivore Products: I just discovered this company a few months ago and I am so happy I did. Herbivore has products that are non-toxic and safe… and also smell amazing. I bought their Jasmine body oil, and it is my holy grail. These products are so much better to gift than other beauty products because those other beauty products are so toxic. Seriously check out everything they have! Links: Hair Spray Set, Skincare Set, Jasmine Body Oil 
  3. Handwritten Jewelry: Whoever came up with this should get a freaking round of applause. These jewelry pieces are so personal and heartfelt. You literally take your handwriting or anyones handwriting and you send it to the company and they will make jewelry with that exact handwriting. There is something so special about that! I am gifting one of these necklaces to someone this Christmas and I cannot wait to see the finished product… I also got one for myself because I couldn’t help it. Link: Handwritten Jewelry
  4. Stationary: This might not be for everyone, but I’m sure you all have that one person in your life who is OBSESSED with cute stationary. I am definitely that girl. Cute notebooks and note pads make me so happy and excited to write in. They also make really cute decor. Rifle Paper Co. is my absolute favorite to buy stationary from. They have the cutest things ever and I want to buy it all. Links: Rifle Paper Co. Notebooks, Rifle Paper Co. Cards 
  5. Lululemon Attire: Well, again with the Lululemon…you just CAN’T go wrong. Their clothes are definitely on the spendy side, so I recommend getting them just one thing… leggings are the best, but sports bras are the least expensive. There are so many different colors and styles to choose from that I am certain you’ll find that perfect gift at Lululemon. Links: Align Leggings, Swiftly Tech Top, Energy Sports Bra
  6. Books: People need to read more…including myself. Everyone’s always on their phones on plane rides or trains or buses or just ALWAYS. We need to put down our phones and pick up a book. Crazy Rich Asians is the best trilogy ever! I highly recommend. This would be a great book series to gift to anyone… they’re really good books! Link: Crazy Rich Asians Trilogy

All of these would make AMAZING gifts! I am especially excited about the handwritten jewelry. I feel like I could’ve added so much more to this gift guide because honestly girls are so easy to shop for…unless you’re my sister. I will definitely be continuing the gift guides until Christmas, so make sure to check in again!



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  1. December 2, 2018 / 9:45 am

    Nice gift guide Taylor 😁 merry Xmas!

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