Internal Thoughts: When is Enough, Actually Enough?

Internal Thoughts: When is Enough, Actually Enough?

I was literally lying in bed, lights completely off, computer powered down, when I just felt the need to write this blog post. It is currently 11:40 pm and I have class tomorrow morning, but who cares right? Blogging is so much more important duh.

While attempting to fall asleep, I kept thinking about relationships… maybe mine, but not necessarily…just relationships in general. I was thinking about when someone in a relationship comes to realize that enough is enough. When do you come to the realization that your relationship is not worth fighting for anymore? I have no answer to this at all, but a friend of mine gave me some really good advice. This friend said:

If the good feelings happen more than the bad feelings, then that’s good, and you continue to try and work through those bad feelings. But once you try and try and try and the bad feelings are more than the good feelings, it’s time to get out.

This is honestly the best answer anyone could ever give. I feel like people typically tend to focus on the bad feelings because that’s what stands out, but if you really think about all the good feelings, hopefully those outweigh the bad. Realizing how many good memories and feelings you’ve had in your relationship makes you want to keep trying no matter what and there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m hands down the type of person who would fight and try to make everything work out, otherwise I feel like I’m just giving up on the relationship. In my case though, how do you know you’ve tried and tried and tried and you just literally can’t try anymore? I think only you are going to know the answer to this. No one knows your significant other better than yourself and no one knows your relationship better than yourself. That is super not helpful at all, but it’s the truth… and I’m discovering that for myself. People can tell you so many different things, but just listen to your heart and your gut.

This blog post is SO random and completely unhelpful, but you know it’s my internal thoughts…so I thought I would share. Relationships are HARD and there’s no right or wrong answer to them…except for cheating, which is ALWAYS the wrong answer. Believe you’ll make the right decision…it’s just a matter of when. Let me know in the comments if you have any other advice for this question.




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