December Challenge

December Challenge

I kind of liked how I set small goals for myself to hit before my 21st birthday, so I thought I would create one big challenge for me for the month of December and a few smaller challenges or goals. I’m going to keep the smaller goals to myself, but I thought I would share this large challenge, just in case anyone wanted to join me.


So for the month of October, Gretchen Geraghty, one of my favorite Youtubers ever, went to 30 Soul Cycle classes. Soul Cycle was doing something called Soul Gifted where you choose a number of rides to complete in the month of October and I believe they donated some of the money to charities. I thought that was a really cool idea because it focused on people’s health as well as helping others. Gretchen kicked Soul Cycle’s butt and completed all 30 rides…she even had to do a few doubles…while having strep throat. I will link her video down below.

Gretchen Geraghty’s Video

I thought for the month of December I would really push my limits and test my athletic ability. I am going to ride 30 Peloton rides in one month. That is either one ride everyday, or a few days of two rides. We’ll see how I’m feeling one day at a time. Each ride has to be at least 30 minutes long…no shorter.

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I thought December was the PERFECT month to do this because I am off of school…thank the lord! Also, I’ll be home, so I’ll have access to Peloton bikes at my gym. I typically use the Peloton app at school because I don’t have the specific bike, but it’s really just not the same. I’m excited to have the bike back! 🙂 December is also the time where I eat lots of sweets and carbs, so I will definitely need to work out a lot. I tend to not workout as much when I’m home, but now I’ll have to.

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I’m excited to start this challenge. I think it will be really fun and interesting. I’m doing this primarily just to prove to myself that I can. It sounds intense, but it will be worth it in the end. I’m hoping my stamina will go up and I’m hoping my metabolism will be faster a little bit…we’ll see at the end of the month.

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I encourage everyone to do this December challenge with me. Whether it be Peloton or something else, set a goal to be super active in December because we all know we’ll be eating lots during the Holidays! Come back at the end of December and see if I actually completed the challenge and see my results. I can’t wait to start this challenge!



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