Holiday Gift Guide For: HIM

Holiday Gift Guide For: HIM

Ah the craziness has just begun! Black Friday just happened… Cyber Monday is TODAY… and Christmas is just right around the corner. Shopping galore is here and boy is it a stressful time.

Finding the perfect gift for everyone is honestly the biggest struggle ever, especially when people are so picky or don’t give you their Christmas list. I personally love finding the perfect gifts for each person in my life and not to toot my own horn, but I think I’m pretty good at giving gifts. Today, I thought I would share a gift guide for men in your life, whether that be your husband, boyfriend, friend, brother, uncle, father, etc. These are all great options. Click the links to shop the items!

Gifts for HIM: 

Gift Guide_ HIM

  1. Athletic Gear: Guys love working out and being active (well most). I personally think it is so important to wear proper and functional workout clothes. Lululemon has the best workout clothes for both male and female. The material they use is unreal and the quality is amazing. Their clothes are also super trendy for just everyday occasions. I highly recommend LULULEMON! Links: Metal Vent Tech Short Sleeve, Pace Breaker Short, Lightspeed Run Hat
  2. Concert Tickets: You can NEVER go wrong with concert tickets! Everyone loves music and who doesn’t want to watch their favorite artists live? Always buy two concert tickets for the recipient because they’re not going to go alone duh. It’s also more special if you can go with that person and just enjoy each other’s company. I know a few artists I want to see: Quinn, Sara Bareilles, and anyone honestly!
  3. Watch: Knowing the time is GREAT! Watches are honestly so practical and they are super stylish too. There are so many great options out there now…watches are super trendy. Smart watches are great because they can do so much and are really good for health tracking, but nice watches are awesome too because they really add a lot to an outfit. Links: Apple Watch, Samsung Watch, Daniel Wellington Watch 
  4. Electronics: What boy does not use electronics? Like every guy I know really likes video games or drones, or photography, or something in the electronic category. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with electronics now a days. Even just accessories that go with the electronics they already have is a great gift. I know my boyfriend asked for new batteries for his drone, so maybe he’ll get that… I can’t tell. Links: Drone, Nintendo Switch 
  5. Clothes: I give clothes as gifts like no one’s business. I honestly feel like you can’t go wrong with clothes. Everyone has a distinct style that is pretty easy to pick up on, so go with something basic that you know they’d love. Outerwear is a great gift because a lot of guys don’t have very cute jackets. Honestly, just any clothing is great though…including underwear and socks! Links: Vineyard Vines T-shirt, Tesla Jacket, J. Crew Jacket 

Well I hope you enjoyed the first of MANY gift guides. Shopping for guys is the hardest for sure, so I thought I would put this gift guide up first. I can’t wait to buy presents for my dad and boyfriend… I pretty much know what I’ll be getting them, so I’m super excited for that. Stay tuned for my other gift guides… they’re going to be GOOD! Also, if you have any gift ideas of your own, leave them in the comments!



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