My 21st Birthday

My 21st Birthday

If you didn’t already know (it’s not like I mention it in every single post…haha) I turned 21 a week ago. 21 is a big age because legal drinking in the US! I was the last one of my friends to turn 21, so yeah it was pretty exciting. I didn’t do too much on my birthday, but I still decided that I would give you a run down of my 21st. Here we go:


Peloton Bike Ride

I workout around 5 days a week and just because it’s my birthday doesn’t mean I’m not going to workout! Of course I had to do a Peloton ride because I wanted to get a birthday shoutout… that didn’t happen. It was sad, but it was still a fun ride with Emma Lovewell. Honestly, I want a Peloton bike so badly…I would use it every single day, but it’s just so dang expensive. One day.

Brunch With Parents 

Neiman Marcus, in San Francisco, has this super cute restaurant called the Rotunda. It is pretty expensive and really good. My parents took me there for brunch and I got my first drink as well as food, but who cares about the food part. For my drink I got a watermelon mint thing. It was pretty good, but I don’t really like the taste of alcohol. If you’re looking for a good brunch place in San Francisco and are willing to splurge a little, definitely check out the Rotunda.



If you know me, you know I love shopping. I’m actually a shopaholic… I don’t always buy stuff, but I do love looking for new clothes. I don’t even know why I shop so much because I wear the same thing over and over again and clothes just end up accumulating in my closet. I also have like zero style. In high school, I dressed up every day and actually looked cute, but now that I’m in college, I think I wear leggings and a sweatshirt 90% of the time. It’s so comfy… but that means I just get to shop a Lululemon, my favorite store ever. But yeah I shopped with my parents in the city and bought a super cute red turtle neck from Hollister.

Dinner with Parents 

We went out to dinner at Fleming’s. Can we first talk about how good their freaking Fleming Potatoes are? They’re honestly my favorite potatoes… so cheesy and delicious! I got another drink…of course! This time I got a blueberry lemon drop. It was pretty strong, but pretty good I guess. I also ate some creme brulee, my favorite dessert of all time. I was so stuffed after, but so worth.


Bars with Friends 

Ended the day going to the bars with a few friends. We went to some bar called Mortar and Pestle and it was cool. The bar scene is so weird to me. I feel like a freaking fetus when I’m there because I am literally the youngest person. I got two drinks at that bar. I got a moscow mule… my favorite and I got some watermelon mint drink again. Honestly, I got drunk off of those two drinks. We then went to a different bar (no clue what it was called) and I had two more drinks of  I don’t know what. It was a really great end to the day!

Overall my birthday was super fun. I’m glad I got to spend it with family and friends… I wouldn’t have wanted it to be any other way. I am so glad I can officially drink legally and can’t wait to go on a trip, like to Hawaii, and get cocktails! I am officially done talking about my birthday… until next year!



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