What I Actually Accomplished Before Turning 21

What I Actually Accomplished Before Turning 21

Around two months ago I made a blog post mentioning things I wanted to accomplish before turning 21 (November 9). I will link it down below so you can go check that out. Now that I am officially 21, I am going to sure with you all what I actually managed to accomplish! I feel like the goals I made this year were a lot more attainable and I think that is what I need to start doing for my New Year’s Resolutions and other goals I set. So, here we go…let’s see if I was a failure or not.

Things I Accomplished Before Turning 21: 

  1. I finished the Crazy Rich Asians Triology! I am so glad that I finished all three books in a  pretty short amount of time. This is the girl who literally reads maybe one book a year…maybe! So the fact that I finished 3 books in around 3 months is amazing to me. I really enjoyed the books and now I cannot wait for the other two movies to come out! I also feel as though I am on some sort of reading grind and I need to find more books that I will enjoy! Any suggestions…leave down below.
  2. I can now hold a two minute plank! This was such an awesome accomplishment because for maybe 2 years I was never able to go past 1 minute or 1.5 minutes. I guess I never tried that hard to hold it, but dang I am stoked I can hold a plank for 2 minutes. My next goal..10 minutes. Just kidding. I’ll start off slow and gradually make my way to 10 minutes. My friend sent me an article of a guy holding a plank for 10 hrs…umm excuse me what?!! That is way too much!
  3. I CANNOT run a 5k…yet! I didn’t try super hard to run a 5k, but every time I run now, my left leg gets kind of numb. It’s really weird and it starts happening like 5 minutes into the run. I want to run more though…so I just need to push through it. I will run a 5k again hopefully before the end of 2018. Eventually I want to run past my longest distance (7 miles).
  4. I spent a whole day by myself NOT in Eugene, Oregon. It’s easy to spend a whole day alone in Eugene because I would just stay in my room and not do anything, but it was a challenge to actually go out and be alone for a whole day. It was actually super spontaneous. I wasn’t planning on going anywhere or doing anything, but I got kind of bored sitting in the apartment alone. I decided to go to Portland and do some shopping. I also explored downtown Lake Oswego. It was a really fun day!
  5. I DID NOT go on a spontaneous weekend trip. There honestly just wasn’t enough time at all. With school and work, it’s really hard to go away for the weekend because the school work never ends. It’s tragic. I am going on a trip in a few weeks though, but I won’t tell you where I’m going just yet. I’ll take lots of pictures when I do go on the trip. I cannot wait!
  6. Uhhh I don’t know if I can say what’s on my mind. I don’t know why I decided to make this a goal. I don’t think this is something you can set a time limit to. It has to be something you work on constantly. So yeah… I’m still working on that and will continue working on it for the rest of my life.

3/6 (but really 3/5) I think that is pretty good. I’m proud of the things I did manage to accomplish and will continue to work on the things that I have yet to accomplish. I think setting goals is fun and really helps get things done! My next post will be what I did on my birthday, so make sure you check back for that.



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