Music I’ve Been Loving

Music I’ve Been Loving

Music gets me through the day honestly. I am listening to music for multiple hours of the day: when I go to class, walking from class to class, working out, showering, doing homework, literally all the time. If I didn’t have music, life would be so quiet and not as interesting. I love how it connects people and gives meaning to life.

I love all different genres of music. Pop, rap, jazz, EDM, country, CHRISTMAS, really anything. Everyone knows me as someone who strictly listens to slow, acoustic songs, but I have really expanded the variety of music I listen to. Here are a few of the top songs I have been listening to recently:

  1. Happier by Marshmello and Bastille This song is so good and really does make me happier.  I think I have listened to this song 5 times today and will probably listen to it a lot more. Also, the music video is so sad… made me bawl my eyes out.
  2.  Tie Me Down by Gryffin The chorus of this song is so fun to dance to. I literally go crazy and look like a psychotic person when I hear this song, but it really gets me going!
  3. 2002 by Anne-Marie There’s something about this song that makes me really happy. It’s a super cute love story and basically what every girl dreams of. I heard this song come on in one of my Peloton rides and it was lit. It made me super hyped.
  4. Nice For What by Drake I have this song stuck in my head constantly especially the part that says “Pray for me.” I find myself singing it all the time…it’s probably super annoying. I have been really liking Drake’s songs in general. I support him because of Degrassi!
  5. Beyond by Leon Bridges If you don’t think this song is adorable, then I don’t know what is wrong with you. I feel like this song is the exact opposite of how a lot of guys treat girls these days. I love everything about it and it’s also super fun to sing.

Well that’s all the songs I’ve been loving that I can think of right now. I recently just rediscovered Simple Plan… I used to listen to them all the time. I also have been loving throwback songs! Shout out to Erin Goode for having a bomb throwback playlist. If you have any music suggestions, leave them down below because I love discovering new music!



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