My First Week of My Last Year of School

My First Week of My Last Year of School

Wow I finally made it to my last year of school and made it through my first week of my last year of school. This week went by so freaking slow and I am so glad it’s over. Only 10 more weeks until I am done with Fall term haha. But in all seriousness, I am really excited for my last year of school. I think it will be a good one and I’m hoping it will lead me to something awesome for next year.

This week was crazy busy and I think it will be like this for the rest of the term just because of classes and labs. Here’s just a little run down of each day.

Monday: Ah first day of school, lovely. My roommate, Aly, and I went to school early because we had to take our annual first day of school picture in front of Johnson Hall. We waited around for someone we know to pass by to take our photo, but no one came around, so we just looked dumb standing there. Finally we just decided to ask a random person to take our photo so I could go to class. My first class was OChem. This is going to be tough… there’s no homework and my grade is based strictly on quizzes and exams…oh boy. Next I had Bio. This is the third class in the sequence and Biology is my absolute worse subject ever, so I’m kind of scared about that. Next, I had OChem lab lecture. It is such a pointless class. Then I went to the rec… my favorite place on campus. Working out keeps me sane and gives me a nice little break from schoolwork. Lastly, I went to my music class. Holy my class is filled with freshmen. Also, my teacher was teaching us how to use Canvas (our online agenda/grading system) and it was actually ridiculously dumb. Any who, I made it through the first day!

Tuesday: Tuesday’s are pretty good days because I only have two classes. I had OChem and then I had Ochem lab, which is usually three hours long, but today it was only 40 minutes…hallelujah! After class, I just chilled until 4pm and then I had my first day back at work. I work in a dining hall on campus, so not super glamorous, but it wasn’t too bad at all.

Wednesday: This day was crazy long! I had work from 7:00 am -9:00 am and it went by so slow. Ugh I don’t want to do it for 10 more weeks…but oh well. Then I had Biology, followed by Ochem Lab Lecture. I went to the gym after that because I have to get that workout in. I sat at the EMU for around 2 hours because I didn’t know what else to do before my music class. I got Starbucks and pretty much just sat there. Then I went to music class, which was way more interesting than the first day! Aly and I always try and sneak into our freshmen year dorm every year, so we did that. It was super anticlimactic because no one was out of their rooms…what the heck are these freshmen doing? Haha!

Thursday: Thursday’s are the absolute best days because I only have one class and it’s only 50 minutes. I had Ochem and then I went to the gym. It was really funny when I got on the stationary bike because I opened my Peloton app and started a ride and I looked over at the girl next to me and she was doing a Peloton workout as well. We both laughed! After working out, I had work. It was so freaking busy, so it went by relatively fast. Then I pretty much just went home and chilled for the rest of the night. Nothing too exciting.

Friday: Finally made it to today! I have two classes and then I am meeting up with my friends to work on some OChem because that class is going to kick our butts! I plan on doing some running, but other than that, I’ll probably do more homework and just relax. I think everyone else is going to the bars, but unfortunately for me, I am only 20 STILL! One more month pretty much! WOO!

Well I hope that run down of my week wasn’t too boring. It was a crazy week and went by so slow, but I think it will start picking up once I get into a routine more. I’m still in shock that I’m in my last year of school. I really need to figure out the next steps for my life. So yeah…I’m stressed already! Until next time! Thanks for reading!



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