Things I Want To Accomplish Before Turning 21

Things I Want To Accomplish Before Turning 21

21 years of living is a long time… I still feel like a freaking child. To me, 21 doesn’t mark anything too exciting, except being able to drink legally. I’m not a crazy person or super social, so I don’t think I’ll be going to the bars too much, but it will definitely be nice to be able to get a nice, little cocktail at dinner or something. Other than that, I’m not super stoked to be one year older. Turning 21 just means I’m basically at that age in my life where I need to actually figure things out and start being somewhat productive with my life. This is especially true for me turning 21 because I’m so young for my grade, so like I’ll be 21 when I graduate college, as opposed to some of my friends who are going to be turning 22 this school year.

Every year before my birthday I always choose a few things I want to accomplish before reaching that age. I honestly don’t reach the goals, but that’s because I leave them in my head. I feel like I’ll be more accountable by sharing them to the public and maybe on my 21st birthday, one of you people reading this will ask me if I accomplished anything I wanted to (Erin this will probably be your job). So here we go.

Things I Want to Accomplish By 21 Years Old (November 9): 

  • Finish The Crazy Rich Asians Trilogy: This I think I can definitely do. I’m 100 pages into the second book, so I have quite some ways to go, but once I pick the book up and start reading it, it’s so hard to put down. Of course, I’ve been reading during the summer, so I’ve had a lot more time, but hopefully when school starts, I’ll be able to find time to read and finish the second and third books. I’m not a huge reader, but I think it’d be a cool goal for me to finish this trilogy before 21.
  • Hold A 2 Minute Plank: Currently, I can hold a plank for 1.5 minutes, so another 30 seconds shouldn’t be too difficult. I’ve been wanting to be able to hold a plank longer, it’s just so freaking hard. I have a pretty strong core, so I think if I just do a plank everyday, I should be able to meet my goal in around 2 months. After 2 minutes, I want to be able to hold a 5 minute plank… that will be my goal for way later.
  • Be Able To Run A 5k Again: My running journey has been quite interesting. Junior year of high school, I could barely run a mile because I didn’t have PE anymore, so I was never forced to run a mile. I got into running when my mom started running, so around my senior year of high school. By freshmen year of college, I was running a 5k on the treadmill almost every day and one day out of the week I would run around 6 miles. Ever since then, I have not been able to run that distance. I’ve run 5k’s sporadically, but it is really hard. I honestly don’t think I’ve run a 5k in a lot of months, despite working out almost every day. So yeah, before I’m 21, I’m going to run a 5k again.
  • Spend A Whole Day By Myself, Not In Eugene, Oregon: This sounds super weird, but I think it would be really relaxing to just take one day and go somewhere by myself. Maybe drive to the coast or drive up to Portland. I would walk around town and eat by myself and just really enjoy my own company. I feel like not many people are comfortable spending a whole day by themselves in a different place other than where they go to school or where they grew up (I certainly am not). I think it is a challenge for myself that I’m willing to take on.
  • Go On A Spontaneous Weekend Trip: Now this trip does not need to be by myself, even though I’ve always wanted to stay in a hotel room alone. I would love to just randomly one Friday, decide to pack my bags and go on a little weekend vacation. Not too far, but somewhere fun with close friends and just make some good memories.

Well I hope you enjoyed reading about the things I want to accomplish before turning 21. If I can’t accomplish them all, I hope I can at least accomplish one or two things and will continue to work on the others post turning 21. Now that they’re written down, I feel like I can actually accomplish them! Check back with me in two months 🙂



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  1. Kylie
    September 21, 2018 / 2:07 pm

    I’m down for a spontaneous weekend trip 😀

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