How to be a Morning Person

How to be a Morning Person

I am that crazy person who wakes up at 7:00 am basically every single morning no matter how late I go to bed. I very rarely ever wake up past 8:30 am and I wouldn’t want it any other way. If I could wake up at 5:45 am everyday, then I’d do it, but as a college student, I think I better stick to 7:00 am…for now.

Waking up early makes the days feel longer and makes me feel a lot more productive. I love waking up, going to the gym, eating breakfast, and starting homework or whatever I have to do that day. I get so much done in the morning and then when afternoon hits, I feel as though I can just chill a little bit because I have already accomplished so much. Here are a few tips I have to be a morning person.

Morning Person Tips:

  1. Set multiple alarms 10 minutes apart from each other. I feel like this is pretty obvious, but for real do it. I used to set 3 alarms: 7:00 am, 7:10 am, and 7:20 am. By 7:20, I was ready to get up because after 3 alarms, how can you still be asleep? If you need more, then set more, but then set them like 5 minutes apart from each other.
  2. Keeps the blinds open. This is honestly the best tip ever. I live on the top floor of my apartment building and in the morning, my room gets so much light. I close my blinds every night, but light still gets in once morning hits and my room just gets so bright. I love it because I think it is such a natural way to wake up. If you’re blinds are a little thicker, then try leaving them open all night. Nothing like some sunshine to start the day.
  3. Write down things you want to accomplish the next day. I love planning out my day because I love knowing exactly what I need to get done. For me, going to the gym is the first thing I do every morning. If I know I have to go to the gym the next morning, then I want to get that out of the way as soon as possible, so I get up and just crush it. If I know I have to go to the grocery store, I write down what I need to get the night before and I get excited about going to get those groceries…because food.
  4. Remember that it’s okay to take a nap. Holy ever since college, I have become such a napper. I honestly nap at least 3 times a week. I nap because I wake up early, but I only nap for around 30 minutes total. That’s only 30 minutes out of your day as opposed to waking up at 9:00 am, 2 hours after I would want to. Naps definitely help me get through the day, so I highly recommend incorporating a little nap to your day. 2 hours isn’t a nap…
  5. Take one day out of the week and don’t set any alarms. I typically try and sleep in a little bit on Saturdays, even though it really doesn’t work for me since I am so accustomed to waking up early. I think that taking one day out of the week to sleep in a little or rest a little more in the morning is helpful. Everyone deserves to sleep in a little bit.
  6. Don’t give up on waking up early. Everyday is a new day. If you happen to sleep through your alarm, don’t be too hard on yourself. I’ve slept through some of my classes before and honestly it just meant I needed a little more sleep and rest. That is okay and was probably better than going to class. I just know that tomorrow is a new day and that I will wake up early the next day. Eventually, once you keep practicing waking up early, you will become so used to it, it will become a habit. It definitely has for me.

I hope this post helps you become a morning person! Waking up early is the best thing ever. You’ll feel way more accomplished and you’ll just have a longer day. Thanks for reading!



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