Day in the Life: Portland

Day in the Life: Portland

Sunday (August 26, 2018) my friend Aly and I decided to go Portland for the day. Lucky for us, Portland is just a quick 2 hour drive away. Sophomore year of college we went on many little Portland day trips and they were always so fun and memorable. Junior year, we went on a few, but not as many because we let some things come between our friendship and grew apart a little bit. This Portland trip made me feel nostalgic of our other trips and our friendship prior. I missed that and I’m glad we are able to forget about the past and just relive the glory days and get our friendship back on track. Here’s a little run down of what our day looked like.

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First stop was at Petunia’s Pies and Pastries. This little bakery is full on vegan. Everything there is vegan and it’s freaking delicious! Can we also talk about how cute this place is? It is exactly what I picture in mind when I think of a bakery: really cute, pink, and very delicious. After a lot of contemplation, I decided to get a salted caramel cookie bar. It was so good and decadent. It melted in my mouth…mmmm.

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A few hours later, after some shopping in the Pearl District, we decided to stop for some coffee and chai. I believe this place was called Presso Coffee Bar. I found it off of someone’s Instagram and I am so happy I did. Their chai tea was so different, but had such good flavor. Also the place was very aesthetically pleasing. I love the flower wallpaper and the mural that says “Hello, Coffee.” I could sit at that place for hours and get so much work done… if only it were in Eugene.

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We obviously had to take pictures at Presso. Outside, they had this really cute pink wall (actually the whole building was pink), but this side had this cool floral mural. I love murals and I think they are perfect places to take pictures in front of.

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After eating lunch and driving around the town a little bit, we decided to end the day going to our all time favorite place, Tea Bar. There are many different locations in Portland, but my personal favorite is the store in the Pearl District. It is so sleek and clean and their tea is bomb. Aly got a blue mint magic drink (I have no clue what was in it) and I got a matcha jasmine tea. Both were really good. I wish mine tasted a little more like jasmine, but it was still delicious. Tea Bar is a place I highly recommend if you love tea or boba or cute places.

Ahh this day was perfect. I cannot wait to have more little spontaneous trips with Aly this upcoming year!



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