Movie Review: Crazy Rich Asians

Movie Review: Crazy Rich Asians

I recently went to go see the movie Crazy Rich Asians and fell in love with it. I went into the movie knowing barely anything about it except for the fact that it consisted of an all Asian cast. I thought that part was super awesome, especially for me being Asian-American. I guess I never really noticed that no other movie I’ve watched has been an all Asian cast or even a majority of Asian cast, but I definitely have noticed certain shows not really representing the Asian community…aka The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

Every scene of this movie really showed the extravagance and wealth of all the families. From the mansions, to the transportation, to the beautiful, beautiful gowns, everything was just so lavish. The wedding scene was my absolute favorite scene of the whole movie. The song choice was perfect and all the decorations were beautiful. The theme was a little extra, but it worked with the whole movie. The whole wedding was adorable and had me in tears. I love cheesy, cute things like that.

One of the main reasons I enjoyed this movie so much was because it played with all my emotions. There was romance, and anger, and heartbreak, and a whole lot of comedy. I loved feeling all these emotions in just 2 hours. I also really loved the sense of family. Now I don’t know what an actual Asian family is like or how well this movie depicted the true Asian family, but I typically perceive Asian families as not showing much emotion and love towards each other. This movie kind of changed my view on that. It is so obvious that family is so big in Asia; it’s everything and I freaking love that.

So if you haven’t already seen this movie, I highly recommend it. I’ve seen it three times already and want to watch it so many more times. I haven’t gotten tired of it at all! I honestly think I might be one of my favorite movies ever. I am so obsessed that I even started reading the book and apparently it’s a trilogy! That means there’s going to be more movies in the future! Woohoo I’m stoked! But seriously go watch it now!



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