Internal Thoughts: Cheating

Internal Thoughts: Cheating

My friend and I recently had a conversation about cheating, so I thought I would share some of my thoughts on the topic. Personally, I think cheating is never okay no matter what the circumstance. I think it is cruel and dumb! It makes me cringe at the thought that people actually cheat on their significant other…what’s the freaking point?? In my opinion, there are two types of cheating. There’s physical cheating and emotional cheating. Both are bad and both are unacceptable.

Warning: My language does get a little rated r because I think so strongly about this topic.

Physical Cheating: 

Obviously everyone knows what physical cheating is. It’s kissing, making out, having sex, etc. with someone other than your significant other. I don’t think there has to be any emotional connection between the people who are cheating, but I don’t think that should matter. Cheating is cheating and it’s not okay!

Physical cheating occurs a lot when alcohol is involved. People get drunk and are not in complete control of what they are doing. You start talking to someone. Start getting flirty and handsy, and then one thing leads to another. Alcohol should never be an excuse for anything. You can’t blame the alcohol. The alcohol is not the one who cheated. Even when you’re drunk, I still think you have at least some control of what you’re doing…and if you don’t, well then you should probably drink less.

Physical cheating is really inexcusable and ridiculous. Don’t put yourself in a bad situation that can lead to something that shouldn’t happen. You do not want to be labeled a cheater for the rest of your life. Like everyone always says, “Once a cheater, always a cheater.”

Emotional Cheating: 

Emotional cheating is way different than physical cheating… I honestly think it is slightly worse. I don’t think there is an exact definition for emotional cheating, but I’d define it as having feelings toward someone other than your significant other or forming a strong emotional bond with someone other than your significant other. I think it’s confusing because people can be friends with the opposite gender, but if you’re viewing the friend as more or even thinking about them in a different way, then that is emotional cheating.

Here are a few things I consider emotional cheating:

  1. Lying to your significant other about someone you’re talking to or how close you are to someone. If you feel the need to hide someone from your significant other, then obviously something’s up.
  2. Telling big news or sharing something important to someone before your significant other. You should always want to share something good or bad with your partner before other people. They’re always there for you. Other people are probably not always there for you.
  3. Sending messages to other people other than your significant other even though you know it will make them mad. If you know it’s going to make them mad, why do it? It’s like you don’t care enough about that person or talking to this other person is more important and their feelings towards you are more important than your significant other’s feelings towards you.
  4. Constantly hiding your phone from your partner. It is so obvious when someone is trying to hide their phone from you. They either always put it down when they get a notification or they immediately swipe away the notification or they turn their back to hide their phone. My favorite one is when they let you walk ahead of them purposefully so they can text that person back without you looking at them.
  5. You are hiding your significant other. No one wants to feel like they’re being hid because it makes them feel as though they’re not good enough. When in fact, you are good enough, you’re partner is just a coward and just wants to be able to do whatever the fuck they want to.

It’s so easy to pick up on emotional cheating and it sucks. It’s so much worse than physical cheating because you don’t want your partner to have feelings for someone else, but still pretend that they love you…and maybe they do, but just want more.  I don’t think the person who is emotionally cheating knows how obvious it is, but it totally is. Don’t put up with this bullshit if this is happening to you. Call them out on it. It’s not acceptable at all. If you think you’re not emotionally cheating, but perform any of these acts listed above, then you freaking are and stop! It actually angers me just thinking about it!

Message to all the cheaters (emotional and physical) out there or people who are unaware they are cheating: STOP AND JUST BE FAITHFUL! Your partner is probably putting in their all in the relationship and they love you unconditionally. That should be more than enough! They should be more than enough! If it’s not enough…just break up with them rather than cheat! Cheaters suck!!!!

Thanks for letting me get all my thoughts out. Clearly I am so against cheating! If my boyfriend were to ever cheat on me…oh all hell would break loose, but also I’d be classy about it…like CRAZY RICH ASIANS! Let me know what you think about cheating!!!



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