Social Media Detox: What I Discovered

Social Media Detox: What I Discovered

This is well over due, but I am finally sharing what I discovered about social media by not using it for a week.  I decided to do this because I was stressed out. I was stressed over my relationship with my boyfriend and I was tired of comparing myself to other people and their summer plans. I’m going to split this into two different categories: relationships and unrealistic expectations.


Has anyone noticed how much different relationships are now that social media has erupted? It is so easy to “stalk” or “lurk” your significant others daily lives. We literally have the ability to see what they like on Instagram, when they were last on their Instagram, and their exact location on Snapchat with just the touch of our fingers. This should not be a thing… and I can totally see and relate to people who have become obsessed with knowing everything that their significant other is doing. I personally would get stressed out when I would see my boyfriends Snap location in a place where I would not expect him to be and I would get stressed out when I would see him like another girls Instagram photos. But why? There’s a reason he’s with me other than another girl, right? And I should trust him enough that he wouldn’t do anything to harm the relationship. Social media just has completely made it so hard to trust people and just puts negative thoughts in people’s minds.

I also think social media puts too much pressure on relationships. You see “goal” couples on Instagram and strive to be like them, but they are just fake. These so-called “perfect” couples probably take 100 photos just to get the right picture to show the world. Why is a one-take, actually candid, photo not good enough anymore? Also, this idea that relationships need to be “Facebook official” or “Instagram official” is dumb. Why is it official if it public? The way people feel about their significant other is the only thing that should make it official and the only thing that should matter. Previously, I would question why my boyfriend has never posted a picture of the two of us together. So many different thoughts would run through my mind. Am I not pretty enough for his friends to see? Is he trying to hide our relationship so he can talk to other girls? Why am I not good enough to make his Insta feed? Honestly, if any of the reasons are the real one’s then the person is not worth it at all. But it’s okay if your significant other doesn’t post any photos of the two of you. It probably doesn’t mean anything.

Unrealistic Expectations: 

Social media promotes an unrealistic idea of perfection. People, mainly girls, strive to have perfect Instagram feeds that are aesthetically pleasing, so they will get more follows. Most Instagram photos posted go through a very specific process to make sure that they are “Insta ready.” A number of photos are sent to friends to vote which one is the best. Once the photo is chosen, the editing starts, whether that be a filter to make lighting better or an app to enhance certain areas of the body. Once the photo looks perfect, it’s time for the perfect caption. This takes a lot of effort because captions should be witty and clever. Now it’s time to post the photo and see all the like notifications come in. Why do likes make us feel better about ourselves? Why does it make us feel accepted? Posting a photo shouldn’t be a whole process and the photo shouldn’t be something that has to reach certain expectations. There shouldn’t even be expectations. The photo should be silly and express someone’s personality or likes. Getting more likes by people you barely know should mean absolutely nothing. I want to be able to post whatever I want and not be judged by that. I know people create Sinsta’s (secret Instagrams), so they have the freedom to post whatever they want without it ruining their feed. What if we were all able to have one Instagram and post anything random we want. It would make everything easier and more real.

Why are there new expectations with social media? Why do couples have to be “goals” and why do feeds have to be aesthetically pleasing? Why do we have to look a certain way to get a certain number of likes? It all does not make any sense. No couple is perfect…that doesn’t exist. If you strive to be a perfect couple, then something is not working at all. No one’s life is perfect, of course no one is going to post that on Instagram. People don’t want to see someone having a bad day even though everyone has them and there’s nothing wrong with that at all. It should be okay to post ANYTHING AT ALL (minus inappropriate things). Comparing yourself to others is the hardest thing not to do, but our generation can change that. Our generation can change the way we use social media and the way we view the idea of perfection.

Here is a link of a really awesome vide about social media:



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