Social Media Detox: Day One

Social Media Detox: Day One

Do you ever find yourself sitting on the couch scrolling through literally every single social media app (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.) and realizing so much time has passed? I have definitely fallen victim to this at least a few times per week. Social media has recently been stressing me out beyond belief… mainly because of my relationship with my boyfriend. I admit I am a jealous girlfriend. I just can’t help it. I find myself going through Instagram and seeing him like other girls photos or talking to other people on Snapchat, but not me. I know it sounds crazy, but it drives me insane. I think a lot of people have this problem thanks to social media and all the new upgrades that keep arising. We can literally stalk anyone with just a few taps on our phones. We can see when people are using the apps, what they are liking, and now even their exact location. It is actually psychotic and can definitely put people in a bad head space… I know it has for me.

I realized the only way I would feel more at ease and less anxious is if I just said goodbye to social media completely. I disabled my Instagram accounts and my Snapchat (my Facebook has been gone now for 6 months) and erased them from my phone so I would have no temptations. When I was going through the process of deleting everything, I was stressing out because I didn’t want to miss out on viewing what other people were posting and I especially didn’t want all my Snap Streaks to end. I tried justifying keeping my Snapchat just for the sole purpose of having Snap Streaks, but realized it’s just dumb. Snapchat doesn’t even make me happy…. it’s just become one more chore I have to remember to do each day. I am addicted to social media like millions of people in the world and now is the time I actually do something about it.

Day One of Social Media Detox: 

I woke up today (July 1, 2018) and immediately grabbed my phone per usual. I quickly remembered I didn’t really have anything to check except for a few text messages, emails, and new Youtube videos, but no Instagram and no Snapchat. It definitely shortened the amount of time I spent lying in my bed. Throughout the day, I typically like to take Snapchats of what I’m doing or where I am or what I’m eating. Today I kept feeling the urge to do so, but obviously couldn’t. It was actually kind of relieving not feeling like I HAD to share my day with people. I realized that I didn’t use my phone for nearly as long as I typically do. No time was wasted scrolling through pointless pictures of people I barely know or comparing myself to the photos my boyfriend likes of other girls. It made me way less stressed out and overall just made me happier. However, I am still kind of bummed about all my Snapchat Streaks. I had one that was 800+ days…hopefully I’ll get over it eventually.

Do you think you have the discipline to go a few days without social media? Join me for the week and see how having no social media may affect your typical day.



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