Weekend in the Snow

Weekend in the Snow

IMG_1481Bend, Oregon is somewhere I have wanted to visit ever since I started going to the University of Oregon. Everyone would tell me how pretty it is all year round. I especially wanted to go during the winter time so I could experience snow and learn to ski. 


A few friends and I decided to go to Bend for the weekend. The Airbnb we rented was amazing and absolutely perfect for our little getaway. On our way there, it started snowing and it was so magical. Being from California, I rarely see snow, so I was super stoked! We went skiing on Saturday at Mount Bachelor. I had not skied since I was pretty much 8 years old, so it was brand new. I was unsure if I was going to like it or not, but I ended up LOVING it! I wish I would’ve known what I was missing out on.


Right now I am seriously obsessing over Bend and skiing. I cannot wait for my next trip and am really hoping to go again soon! I hope you all get the chance to visit Bend. It is a must-go in Oregon.




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