Travel Guide: San Francisco

Travel Guide: San Francisco

San Francisco is honestly such an amazing city. Living only 30 minutes away, I often find myself visiting the city for mini day trips. I love feeling like a tourist even though I live so close because San Francisco has so much to offer. You really can never explore it too much or get tired of it. I have curated a list of some of the places I have visited in San Francisco, hoping that it will help you plan your next trip!

Food and Drinks: 

  • Cafe Reveille: I just recently visited Cafe Reveille and instantly fell in love with it.  My friend recommended it to me after seeing pictures all over Pinterest. Although this cafe is pretty expensive, it is nice to just splurge a little. It is also a great place to take photos and just all around aesthetically pleasing. I had the matcha latte with almond milk and it was really good (not really special from any other matcha latte though); however, the latte art was on point. My friend got the cold brew. It came in a tall glass with an extra smaller glass filled with water. I thought it was cool, but she thought it was a little extra. Overall, I would recommend this place if you are not on a budget.
  • Mr. Holmes Bakehouse: This place is such a classic San Francisco must! Mr. Holmes Bakehouse is a really small bakery that is famous for their “Cruffin” aka croissant muffin. I have to admit, their cruffins are so good and definitely worth it. Honestly, all of their pastries are delicious. Also, when you are there, don’t forget to take a picture with the famous “I Got Baked in San Francisco”! It’s just something you have to do when you’re there.
  • Home: This coffee shop is so cute! Home encourages customers to sit with other random customers, put away technology, and have a real conversation. I love that idea so much since today it is basically impossible to go anywhere without people on their phones or laptops. Home is known for their Birthday Cake Latte… primarily because they put coloring and sprinkles on it and just make it really photogenic. I obviously had to see what the hype was and honestly didn’t love it, but loved everything else about that place.

Sites to See:

  • 16th Avenue Tiled Steps: The steps are magnificent. I can’t even wrap my mind around how these steps were put together, but it is a must see! Every step is covered in intricate tiles and the steps all together create a beautiful scene. It is quite the climb to the top, but the view is totally worth it!
  • Lombard Street: This is one of the most touristy things to visit, but it is very understandable why. This road is freaking awesome and rather difficult to drive. I personally wouldn’t want to live on Lombard Street, but I do love to visit it. It is so beautifully gardened and the top gives you a spectacular view of the city.
  • Palace of Fine Arts: I just visited this place after seeing pictures of it for years. Pictures of the Palace of Fine Arts are beautiful, but do not do it justice. It is such a tranquil place and just gorgeous! I think there is an actual museum connected to this, but I just walked around the pond.
  • Baker Beach: If you want a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge, without actually going near the Golden Gate Bridge, Baker Beach is the place to go! On a clear day, you can get the best picture of the whole Bridge, while enjoying the beach. Although it is not as warm as Southern California beaches, it is still nice to be by some water!

    Well I hope this gets you excited to visit San Francisco because it makes me want to go back right now! Let me know what places you like to visit in the city… I am always looking for a new adventure!



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