New Year Resolutions: 2018

New Year Resolutions: 2018

2018? How did that happen? I feel so ridiculously old and I am not even 21 yet haha! With a new year comes new resolutions (that I really never stick to). I honestly don’t know why I make these every year, but they’re pretty fun to come up with. Here are some of my resolutions for 2018!

  1. Get rid of/stop wasting so much time on social media
  2. Incorporate more vegetables in my meals
  3. Eat way less sugar (I am so addicted… it’s bad)
  4. Sing more and don’t be afraid to share it
  5. Prioritize school and work over fun
  6. Take more risks even when terrified
  7. Be honest about feelings and don’t hold anything back
  8. Don’t eat out as much
  9. Spend less and save more
  10. Wake up and go to sleep at a consistent time
  11. Stretch a lot more and become more flexible
  12. Stick to a workout schedule
  13. Take more photos and keep things as souveniers
  14. Read more books (this was a HUGE fail for 2017)
  15. Be able to run 7 miles comfortably
  16. Do more things that I love and don’t worry as much on how others will respond
  17. Forget about FOMO (fear of missing out)

I hope you enjoyed my resolutions and get some inspiration for yourself! Leave your resolutions down below because I am curious what other people are striving for in 2018!




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