Holiday Gift Guide: Him

Holiday Gift Guide: Him

I find shopping for guys so hard. Whether it be for my dad, my boyfriend, or just a friend, I never have any clue what to get! Is it just me or what? This year for my boyfriend, I decided to do 12 days of gifts. Let me tell you, it is so difficult to come up with one gift to give, let alone 12! Here is a gift guide of the things I am getting Harry. Hopefully this helps you all!Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 10.15.20 AM.png

  1. Funko Pop ($8.90):  I literally had no clue what this was before I started dating Harry. This is something Harry collects, so obviously this does not apply to everyone. I think that something that your guy collects is a perfect gift though. They would definitely appreciate it!
  2. Dutch Bros Gift Card ($5.00): Really any gift card would work. $5.00 may seem like nothing, but hey I got 11 other gifts to give. Harry loves Dutch bros so much and goes there almost every day, so I figured it was a perfect gift.
  3. Polo Shirt ($24.95): Clothing is such a great gift! Like who doesn’t want new clothes? Harry only wears polo shirts, so obviously I have to get him one that is my personal favorite color. You seriously cannot go wrong with a piece of clothing that your guy wears all the time.
  4. Golf Divot Tool ($10.99):  Once again, this is a gift idea that depends on the guy you are giving the gift to. Harry loves golf basically more than anything, so this makes a great gift. Any sports related gift would work as well.
  5. Golf Club Cover ($29.99):  This goes along with the whole golf theme. You really can never go wrong with any sports equipment! So many guys love sports, so anything would work! For this gift, I decided to combine a sport he loves along with comics (which he also loves)! I feel like you could probably find this cheaper some where, but this one would work.

Well that concludes the guy gift guide. I clearly have a lot more gift ideas to think of to reach 12 total, but this will do for now. What will you be getting the men in your life for Christmas? I would love to know!



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