Holiday Gift Guide: Health and Fitness

Holiday Gift Guide: Health and Fitness

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 2.51.14 AMChristmas shopping is always so stressful! I never know what to get my friends and family since everyone likes different things. I thought I would create a few gift guides to help you all so you don’t get stressed during this holiday season! These are a few of my personal favorite items for working out and make the perfect gifts for those who love to stay active!



  1. Lulu Lemon Align Cropped Leggings ($88): I cannot rave about these leggings enough! They are the perfect material and the perfect length. They are made of Nulu fabric, so they basically feel like you’re naked. These are the 19″ ones, which is the length I prefer. It is not to short, but doesn’t quite go to my ankles either. 10/10 would recommend!
  2. Gatorade Water Bottle ($5.99)I know HydroFlasks are all the rage right now, but this Gatorade bottle will forever be my favorite. I love the fact that it is so cheap, but also handy. This water bottle is perfect for any type of exercise because you can just squirt it in your mouth and continue your workout. There is no need to open the cap or anything! Super efficient!
  3. LuLu Lemon Yoga Mat ($68): This is the exact yoga mat that I have and I am completely obsessed with it. Although it is a little costly, it is totally worth it. I don’t do yoga, but I do use it to do ab workouts and for stretching and it gives me so much cushion.
  4. Nike Headbands ($15): The absolute worst thing ever is having hair in your face while working out. Am I right? These headbands are honestly the best ones to prevent that from happening. I love that they are thin, so I don’t feel like my whole head is being covered and I love that the grip on the bottom actually works. The second worst things is when your headband keeps falling off and that definitely does not happen with these babies!
  5. Apple Headphones ($29): I live by these headphones. I know everyone is super into bluetooth headphones right now, but these are the only ones I like. For some reason, other headphones do not stay in my ear at all, but these never fall out! I really don’t mind that there is a cord…never interferes with my workouts. The only bad thing about these is that you have to make sure the person you are giving this to has the right phone or they will not fit in the socket.

Well that’s all for this gift guide! What will you be gifting your health and fitness friend? Let me know down below!




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