College: Year Two Overview

College: Year Two Overview

I seriously cannot believe that I am already half way done with college. Where has the time gone and why is it going so fast? I am so excited to see what these last two years will bring for me, but I am also sad to see it all go by in a blink of an eye.


This past year, I was a Sophomore at the University of Oregon. I had an absolutely amazing time and want to glance back and share some of my memories.

For starters, I finally chose my major. I actually declared my major, Human Physiology, on my birthday, November 9. Deep down I always knew I was going to go with Human Physiology because I knew I wanted to go into the nutrition field, I just wasn’t 100% until then. It is really nice finally knowing the exact classes I should be taking, but let me tell you, they are rigorous and very time consuming! Some of my major classes I took included: Chemistry, Medical Terminology, Physics, Biology, and Biostats. Chemistry, Biology, and Physics are all sequences, so I was in them all year. In fact, I didn’t start biology until this summer, so that’s what I’ve been doing these past few months. Fun, I know! Some of my other classes I took this year were Intro to Food Studies, Business, and Singing. I really like my singing class because it was a nice escape from all my science classes, but it was also a good way for me to sing more comfortably in front of people.

This was also a GREAT year for sports at the University of Oregon. Although our football team was pretty much trash (mainly due to a lot of injuries), our basketball team kicked some butt! I didn’t go to any basketball games my first year, so I thought I better go to some my second year. I ended up going to every single home game and I am so happy I decided to! The games were so fun and full of great energy. I sat front row at basically every game and came back from each game with a hoarse voice from screaming so much! I already cannot wait for basketball season to start again even though my favorite player, Chris Boucher, isn’t on the team anymore! I also started going to a lot of tennis matches this year! I met one of the girl tennis players on my floor of my apartment complex. I thought I would go cheer her and her team on! The matches were so good and every time I watched one, I wanted to go play tennis immediately after. I really enjoyed watching the guys’ tennis matches as well because they are just so talented!


Probably one of my favorite memories of this year was Ultimate Frisbee Intramural’s. My freshmen year, a group of my friends decided to play co-ed ultimate frisbee. None of us knew how to play, but we just thought it would be really fun. We were absolute trash, but we definitely were not out there to be super competitive or anything. Sophomore year, we decided to play again. This time we had a few different people, but we were so much better! We actually won a game and had a few close games! It was seriously so much fun! I already cannot wait for two more years of ultimate frisbee! Here is a picture of my team:



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